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Content Requests

I frequently receive e-mails with requests to host blog articles written by others on Roel’s World. Roel’s World though, is a personal blog with articles that express my personal views and opinions on a variety of subjects that I have a personal interest in. It’s “Roel’s World, my world” after all. I therefor do NOT accept these request, so please do not waste both our times and refrain from sending such requests.

“Tone” of you message.

Unfortunately I do receive e-mails from people uttering their frustrations and discontent about some of my articles. Roel’s World is a blog (thus containing personal views and experiences) though (as my disclaimer clearly states). So, it is OK to disagree with the content of my articles. It is NOT cool though to utter your discontent using this mail form to “attack” my person. Do not play the man, play the ball. So, please, do not waste my time and only write me if you are serious about conversing about the content, not my person.

Thank you kindly, Roel.

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